Springboard can trace it’s roots back 30 years when several companies started trading in different parts of the UK. Now they have come together to form Springboard Media Limited in the UK and Springboard Media LLC in Texas, USA.

The foundation of our publishing brands started in the late 1980’s and are thriving as we have restructured and refocused the company on a flexible, customer orientated approach. Alongside this we have become a provider of publishing services to other global publishers and organizations.

Our printing service started in 2016 via a partnership with Printing.com and that relationship is now called Nettl Chichester after we added web development and support services to business in different nations.  With hundreds of active clients, today we provide organizations with their print and digital media requirements.

Almost 35 years after starting we are still expanding, serving communities and individuals across continents.   The best is yet to come!


 Freedom Publishing & Faithbuilders Publishing

Freedom Publishing & Faithbuilders Publishing are new model of Christian faith publishing brands, built around a culture of empowerment.  We  empower authors by offering flexible and creative solutions to bring their material to readers.  We aim to empower readers in nations across the world by giving them access to book, journals, study guides and music.  We empower organizations wanting to reach nations with their resources by offering both an international reprint service but also shipping to events and speaking tours.

With offices in America and United Kingdom, we have many years experience in book, music, audio CD & educational DVD production and distribution. The company has grown by word of mouth and personal recommendation.  Our future plans include opening an office in South Africa & are already talking to contacts in Australia about offering our services via them across in the Pacific Rim.

We publish across a variety of genres for the Christian market, including children’s books, Christian fiction, and ministry resources (e.g. small group study booklets, devotionals, and evangelism material). Our titles are also now available in Braille, large print, eBooks, and audiobooks.

For information on the publishing services visit our website

Christian theology, biblical studies, commentaries are a speciality for Faithbuilders and we help organizations producing material in these areas to both print and distribute their material globally.  This is a growing area and one we enjoy via developing strong partnerships with our clients and utilizing our contract and supply chain to help them grow.

Faithbuilders also produce a highly successful range of tracts for use in outreach and will be expanding the range into different topics and age groups.

For information on Faithbuilders visit our website

 Lighthouse Book Publishing

Established in the United Kingdom more than 25 years ago, the initial focus was on Christian faith books.  Today Lighthouse Publishing is an emerging  ‘Next Gen’ publisher working via customised solutions for our authors via a wide range of options and services.  We are focused on books for the business, government, aviation, biographies, and a limited range of fiction.

We are a full service publisher, in that we publish books under our own name.  We have started to commission books for publishing and that could grow in the future.  Normally an author agrees to purchase a certain number of books at a price that helps cover the cost of publishing and printing them.  We them work to get the books into both physical and online international retail outlets & pay a royalty for those we sell once the advanced fee has been recovered.

Our passion is to empower authors wanting to reach nations with their books by offering both an international publishing & reprint service but also shipping to events and speaking tours.  The company has consistently grown by word of mouth and personal recommendation.

Since 2017 we have been providing book production services to other publishers rather than them employing staff with all the associated overheads.  Our fees save them money and the publisher can chose which services they need our support with.  The publisher only pays on a project by project basis, with no minimum annual costs or fees, and no minimum number of projects. Unlike many other publishing and media companies we are happy to help you build your brand rather than solely being focused on building our own!

We offer an international print and distribution service to clients, which includes digital, lithographic and Print on Demand services via a network of printers.  With distribution offices in the UK, USA and South Africa we can supply distributors in many other nations, like Australia & Europe.  Our services help publishers save money, especially with print on demand of older titles, and still maintain speed of delivery to customers.

 FlightCon International

Take off coming in 2021!!

Flightcon is a global organization for aviation enthusiasts & a forum for people with specialist aviation interests.  It will be an aviation resources center including an extensive gallery and daily news site, with many of the services will be free to view.  We will offer membership to individuals and families, with events discounts, special offers and privileges.

An online launch event is planned for mid-June 2021 & details will appear on the site as soon as free registration opens.  The website is having new content added as fast as we can build it!

Plans to hold our first global convention in 2022 are currently being finalized.  We are also planning regional & international events (possibly in late 2021) alongside museum tours and air show meets once travel is safer.

 Nettl Chichester
(Previously Guildford Printing)

Few companies offer people the range of empowering services we do under one roof.  Whether it is a new website, business card, building or vehicle signs, social media and SEO support, exhibition stands (remember them!), we offer individuals, micro business owners and larger established companies all this and more.

Through a partnership with Nettl, our studio specialises in fast, affordable, full-colour volume printing delivered to your door.  For smaller print runs we have our own onsite Xerox Colour Press.

Our design team are professional graphic designers and media specialists, who combine creativity with cutting edge technology, to produce stunning graphics, multimedia animation, illustrations and websites.

By taking the time to develop a relationship with each client, we can better understand and support your vision and success.  As with the other companies in the group we love to empower people to be successful.

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 Chichester Life

Supporting & connecting the Chichester DC area through digital and print media

We love CL because everything about it is giving back to the community Springboard became a part of as Covid struck in 2020.  It was totally spontaneous and has grown ever since.

Our Facebook community has over 8000 members and the two Facebook pages (soon to be merged into one page) have over 14,000 followers.  Over 100 people join each week and we are posting several times a day, seven days a week.

We are now starting to turn the focus of the Facebook pages into feature articles across many different topics, by using graduate, student and community reporters.  Most will written but plans are taking shape to do video reports, interviews and behind the scene features.

Maybe 2021 will see us turning all this into print for the homes across the communities we serve.

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